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  • pcb電路板加急焊接

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             Hubei Chucang Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Guanggu, the central region of Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Hubei Province, China. This region has so many high-tech electronics companies, and it has a high quantity demand of circuit boards in quick turn for R&D Application. After many years of fast development, we have owned an ability of quick turn for double-sided samples or small amount within 24 hours, for multi-layers samples or small amount within 48 hours and for PCB+PCBA within 108 hours.

           Our company have professional technical team and management team, and we have worked in the field of circuit boards and SMT for nearly 20 years. Our teams are familiar with the design and production of all kinds of boards such as impedance control, blind &buried holes, edge plating, oversize PCB, thick copper, hybrid construction, BGA, high frequency and special metal cores etc. We can formulate feasible project design and plant for our customers and be proficient at all kinds of circuit boards manufacture-related software. We carry out ERP working type the whole day monitoring the whole process : customer order→ Order review → Contract offer → Engineering inquiry → manufacturing → Quality inspection→ Packaging and shipping  the excellent products to customers on time.

           Hubei Chucang Electronics Co., Ltd. actively initiate technology innovation, management innovation, service innovation with the philosophy of “supreme quality, first-class technology, united teamwork, win-win cooperation”, in order to satisfy customers’ various needs. We take the spirit of honesty, high quality, high-efficiency, sustainable development and provide you with high-efficient, thorough, super value products and services, hoping to become your long-term and reliable partner!

    Company philosophy: Supreme quality, first-class technology, united teamwork, win-win cooperation

    Company vision: Becoming the pacemaker of electronics and circuit boards' fields

    Company spirit:Innovation spirit (Technological innovation, management innovation,service innovation)

                                Culture spirit (Wolf nature, responsibility, positivity)

                                Gratitude spirit (Be thankful to customers, be thankful to employees, be thankful to suppliers)

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